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June 08, 2010


Peter Venter

This is precisely the legacy that Jesus left us. The same legacy he gave his disciples. '..go therefore, make disciples of all nations;....teach them to observe all the commands I gave you.'(Matt.28:19-20) What Jesus is saying to us is 'Love as I have loved you; Touch as I have touched you; listen as I have listened to all your concerns. Visit the sick, the lonely and the bereaved. In our parish we have a ministry of care that meet the needs of those who suffer; spiritually, mentally and physically.

Steve Gardner

I want to thank you for bringing the quote of Saint Teresa to my attention. I don't know if that is where the phrase "We are the hands and feet of Jesus" came from but it does contain the sentiment that I have grown concerned about in our churches today. I agree with the statement "We are arms and feet of Jesus," but do not agree with the phrase, "We are the arms and feet of Jesus," which carries with it the conotation that if we do not do it, Christ is unable to get it done. Christ is not limited to our abilities, desires or hang-ups. Scripture is replete with stories of how God worked miraculously to intervene when his people were unable or unwilling to work. That is why faith and prayer are so important to our lives as believers. Christ will allow us to be as busy and tired as we want to be. He allowed that in the life of Martha while commending Mary for having chosen a less frenetic path. So, yes, we need to be diligent servants of Christ, doing His bidding with hearts filled with gratitude, but let us keep trusting that He will do amazingly over and above what our meager combined energies and resources may accomplish. May He bless you as you continue to encourage and strengthen His bride.

Jeanine Fuentes Bedell

God Timing! I am researching material for a lesson I am preaching on tomorrow for our middle and high school students and I too am pulling from inspirations from the Hole in our Gospel. I copied and pasted the majority of your blog to read aloud tomorrow! Thank you so much for posting such a true account of how we are to go about being the hands and feet of Jesus.

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