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May 17, 2010



Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Mine are 12 to 15 and I SO needed to hear a Christian perspective. : )


This is the greatest blog. You really should hand this out to everyone. I will re-read this one often!


Thanks, ladies! I'm glad you found it helpful. As I said, we are just making it up as we go along, but these are the things that I keep reminding myself. We are all in this together,so if you have something to add to my list, please do so!!


Kelly, Thanks for the insights and words of wisdom. I can honestly say my boy has been a piece of cake compared to what I see ahead in my rising 7th grader!! I will cherish your words and remember them. Especially the comment there is nothing more self centered in the world than an 8th grader. I have found the biggest challenge so far is the sensitivity of my little girl and her handling the mean girls. I have spent so much of my time over the last year trying to instill in her the confidence of who she is in Christ and how she is fearfully and wonderfully made. She is doing a small group bible study at church "A Daughters Worth" that I highly recommend. It has opened some wonderful conversations with not only the leaders but with her and I. I thank you for your words and for your heart in raising Godly women of character.

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