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December 22, 2008



First---Congratulations! Did you get to pick out the costume for your team? (Hee Hee).

Second---So many lessons on so many levels, but let's start with what not to put on a trophy from a sorority/bar contest!

You make me laugh!!! Love you!


No! Strangely enough, costume selection (the boys call them uniforms) is not part of fantasy football! What's up with that?

For those of you who don't get it, Jenn is teasing me because being both a sports mom AND a theatre mom, I sometimes get things a little mixed up, as in "Brooke, is your soccer costume clean?" Steve is understandably mortified by this activity attire confusion :-)

And, I am still not commenting on my first trophy!

Mary Sawyer

Oh, you will SO regret baiting us with the first trophy tidbit!! I feel confident that we will break you down!!!

Congrats on your win, by the way. My house full of boys is full of fantasy football talk all the time; it never occurred to me to join in with them!

Your sister

Show off!

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