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July 21, 2008



I've heard so many positive comments about this book and haven't yet tried to get it for my ever-growing book stack. I'm glad to hear yet another positive review -- it's one more nudge for me to pick it up!!


You've been tagged... http://www.neilcraigan.com/brokenbonds_loosedchains/2008/08/five-question-f.html
It's about time you updated your blog!


I agree with Neil! The girls are now in school so no excuse! I miss not hearing what"s going on in your head!
Love you!


it is a well written book. I'm going to do a weekly study at our church on it. I may even do an online version.

Rosilyn Dudley

Kelly --Great Book -- I've given many copies away. I've missed you -- welcome back -- See you next Wed. at Bible Study -- can't wait. Rosilyn

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