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June 22, 2008


Mary Sawyer

Oh no....you know I can't resist your book recommendations! Off to Barnes and Noble to pick up this book!

Mary Sawyer

Me, again. I just finished the book and I am speechless. What an incredible and life-changing book!
One tip for others though...DON'T LOOK AT THE PHOTOS IN THE MIDDLE OF THE BOOK UNTIL YOU ARE FINISHED WITH THE WHOLE BOOK. (the captions with the photos "gave away" some of the upcoming developments)

I truly can't stop thinking about the book. Come back soon, Kelly, so we can chat about it together!!


I look forward to talking with you about it, Mary. I left my mom's copy of the book with her, so I need to order one for me. The one I read didn't have any pictures in the middle of the book! They must have added that to later editions. You should also check out the website...it has more information about what the authors are doing now. www.samekindofdifferentasme.com

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