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September 30, 2007



Kelly, I'm glad that my sermon struck a chord with you. I've got a great book for you to read, "The Dangerous Act of Worship: living God's call to jusitce" by Mark Labberton. You'll love it.


I like the KISS theory. I'm sure this won't be clear, but I think we can overschedule or try to over achieve in our spiritual lives also. Rather than just keeping a running prayer dialogue going with God all day, we look to see what else we can read or study to have that closeness. Duh, if I'm praying in the background of my mind all day and spending some time studying His word each day the closeness is there. Sometimes we need to stop reading and thinking about how to get closer and just pray.


Amen, sister! Just shut up and pray...sure wish there was a catchy acronym for that! How 'bout Stop Everything And Pray...S.E.A.R.?? Hmmm...let me think more about that...no, never mind, I'll just quit talking about it and pray :-)

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