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April 16, 2007


Matt Rhodes

I was absolutely floored by the events at Virginia Tech -- I couldn't even put what I thought was an adequate post on my blog to express how I was feeling. My youngest sister still lives there after having graduated from Tech; in fact, she lives right on the edge of campus. I don't know if she knew any of the victims, but I'm praying for her just as hard as I am everyone else in Blacksburg who was touched by this, and the families of the victims.

After reading your post, it's incredible how much we can have overwhelm us in a single day -- from weather to violence. I'm always amazed by the strength you have and which comes from your God and your faith. What wonderful gifts of the Spirit!

Lisa H

Kelly, please pray for Erin Peterson and Rema Samaha, two Westfield graduates who are reported to have been hit at VA Tech.

After spending this last weekend at VA Tech with Daniel (an incoming fall freshman) a beautiful and peaceful campus has now turned into a horrific crime scene.

It is so sad and unbelievable.

Lisa H

Kelly, The news is Reema has gone home. I know you do not know her, but she was a sister in the theatre. She was in Arsenic & Old Lace at Westfield. Here is an IMG link and I am sure it will not post here....she is in white, if you can figure out how to look at this.

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