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November 01, 2005



I'm up for any ideas to bring the true meaning of Christmas (please don't ever abbreviate to X-mas - the ultimate expression of having lost the true meaning of Christ-mas). Over the years, my friends and I have agreed to not exchange gifts, but to share experiences (our traditional hot-coco, dounut-eating light viewing tour). The same goes for family. We only give gifts to the children. Last Christmas was the most relaxed we've had in years. Christmas day was dedicated to enjoying family and friends, not consumed with opening gifts.


Redeeming Christmas... over the last few years our family has sat down with the World Vision catalogue and purchased gifts for people we don't even know. http://www.worldvision.org/worldvision/master.nsf/home/
Our girls have bought rabbits, chickens, duscks, medical kits to help the truly poor and they love doing this.
For the adults in our family we have started making charitable donations in their name to organizations they support, it's amazing how touching this can be. My mother-in-law donated a goat in my name and I wept! Who'd have thought a gift from you M-I-L could bring tears of joy!!!

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