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November 14, 2005



Algebra never made much sense to me...I wondered why I needed this mysterious knowledge (what are imaginary numbers anyway) to take on my future life. God's mystery's, through time, are sometime revealed to us. Thankfully this one has been revealed...I did not need Algebra...I needed the pigtailed girl who sat in front of me with the candy striped shirt and the engaging laugh. The one who has taught me about love, life and laughter. It should be a lesson to all of us that, while we aren't looking, God is...and I have found he knows what is just right for each of us. Thank you for saying yes to a tobacco chewing, pick-up truck driving, smart aleck football player who unwittingly started this journey with a Coors beer and a kiss at your curb. I would choose you all over again too...by the way, where is that candy striped shirt. Happy Anniversary.

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