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March 02, 2010



I have just loved your last couple of entries (of course, I love them all)! These scripture verses are so simple and yet have such a profound message. Thank you for focusing on them and sharing them with us!


Kelly -- Oh, how we can read scripture but not assimilate it -- Thanks for previewing these particular scriptures for me -- so much wisdom in such a familiar passage. Love ya, Rosilyn


I`m from Romania, but everyday i come back and read your blog. You know why? Because it makes my day. Thanks


Dear friend from Romania, thank you so much!! I am so blessed that my humble musings have the power to touch a heart a world away. Isn't God amazing??


Thanks.I was loved by God to be loved.Love is the powerful tool in personality.Jesus showed how much God loves us by hanging on the cross for us to take the salvation.That is the greatest love that I can say.So thanks for the kind of love that you have to share the real love that God placed in you to the ones that they don't kwow it.God will bless you.
Keep pressing on.

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