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May 12, 2009



You have the pleasure of being the first person other than myself that i have met that uses typepad. Maybe you can help me get on track. I typed in spend all your time seeking God and there you were. I find your writing inspirational and well researched keep up the good work. I signed on as a follower i'll be watching. Be blessed


Iam always blessed about the Bible scripture in Nehemiah 8:10,after searching through internet I come across you site and very blessed after reading it.continue to spread the Gospel because it is the duty of all man.Amen
For the Joy of the Lord is my strenght.


I went to bed with the song "The Joy of the Lord is my strength". When I woke up I had the desire, just as you, to find it in the Bible and seek what God is telling me about it. I found you on line. I am like you in this aspect. A few years ago I was getting divorced. I called up my frient crying, I said, "When will I have the Joy of the Lord?" I felt the joy of the Lord was happiness, My happiness. This morning I looked at the words. the joy OF THE LORD is MY strength. Duh!!! The dynamics of Joy and my source of strength have changed. Not my joy, but the Lord's joy. Now I will further study this new renewing of my mind. I will save you site on my favorites list. I am all about seeking God's word. Your verse is what I am about. Seek with all your heart, God knows our heart.

"You will seek Me and find Me when you seek Me with all your heart"

Alma Nightingale

I was meditating on this verse last night (Saturday) and I asked the Lord what does this mean? I kept repeating it and finished up my prayer. Sunday morning at Church my Pastor lead us to the book of Nehemiah. As he was preaching he stated Nehemiah 8:10 and I was totally taken back. First, that God actually heard my prayer. Secondly, He cared enough about getting the answer to me for my understanding. And thirdly, His Word is true..when you seek Me with your whole heart you will find me. He showed me Himself through His Word and I was strengthened in my spirit! "The Joy of the Lord is my Strength". Thank you for searching this out. God Bless you!

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