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May 26, 2009


Amber Garsee


I just read the comment that you made on my blog months ago.... I'm not very good at keeping up with it. I'm so blessed that you wrote me and that you even read my blog! wow!!
yes, your flowers are gorgeous!! I sure wish i had a green thumb like that. Thailand is the perfect climate to grow beautiful flowers. I dabble at it. ; )

I would love to hear how you guys are doing! I'm sure you're girls are half grown by now.

Colton graduates this year. He'll be moving to Amberica next year to attend Bible college. He'll attend the same one that Clinton went to.
Chase will be in 11th grade.

Our Thai boys are 14, 12 and 2! We have a full house............all boys. we sure are hoping God will give us little girl. We'r not getting any younger. Clinton turns 40 this year! yikes!

please give my love to steve!



Beautiful my friend - both your flowers and your spirit. Love you!

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