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April 04, 2008



This really hit home with me as to how this election is so very different from those in the past few years. It is something that gives hope in to those who aren't supposed to expect much in their future. I was reading an article yesterday about the rise in murder rates of African Americans and especially the youth. One comment made was, "Nobody respects life and the young folks nowadays don't mind dying." To hear the interest and hope these kids have in not only their future, but the future of their country, gives me hope. Sometimes I think those of us in Northern Virginia forget that not everyone has the opportunities our children have. We take it for granted, that they have a future.


What an amazing teacher!! It makes me want to get back to a classroom!
Thank you God for people who love children and our country and won't accept things to be the way they have always been!


Words do indeed matter; I'm a lifelong Republican and Senator Obama has inspired me to give him a serious look. One of my sisters was stunned to hear me say that, and when she asked my father why he replied that perhaps Obama is my generation's Jack Kennedy -- inspiring us and challenging us to do more. Great post.

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