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February 13, 2008



So glad I'm not the only one who choked up (okay, I admit it, I cried) as I voted! I voted with my 8-year old son, who has been closely following my Obama Mama excitement. Sharing it with him was very special, as I recall my father sharing his delight, when I, too, was 8, about a candidate who he felt would bring change, decency and kindness to Washington -- Jimmy Carter. (Hmmm, hope this works out a little better...)

Stephen enjoyed the touch screen buttons, but he was surprised when he read the names, and announced loudly, to the entire voting gymnasium, "There it is, Mom, but I thought our guy's name was Arack Bo-bamma." No political secrets in Fairfax.

Since you're wed to Chris Matthews (who I hear got "tingles up his leg" when Obama spoke recently -- gotta love that unbiased journalism!), I'll tell you that the CNN talking heads and even the gang at FoxNews seem awed by the ObamaPhenomenon as well. Watching Carl Rove almost root for him last night was the bizarro-world highlight of my week...

Thanks for spreading the word and passing out those buttons!


we are so with you on support for Obama!

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